Equality policy



Policy for Equality




This policy sets out the intention of The Dacorum Talking Newspaper (DTN) to promote equality of opportunities in the provision of its services and in the use of volunteers within the Talking Newspaper.


Key principles of this Policy

Accepting diversity is the key to promoting equality. The promotion of equal opportunities in the services we provide and in our practice is key. DTN will hold itself accountable for the effective implementation of the aspirations contained within this policy.


There are many areas to be considered when implementing an equal opportunities policy including, but not exclusively:



Disabilities (both physical and mental)



Sexual orientation


Religious belief


DTN recognises that individuals may experience discrimination as a result of one or more of the above factors and seeks to actively promote equality of opportunities when delivering of services, in its use of volunteer’s and when acting in partnership with other organisations.


Provision of services

DTN undertakes, where possible, to:

  1. a)provide relevant, appropriate and accessible services which meet the needs of a diverse population; 

  2. b)ensure that its services and policies are monitored and reviewed in order to eliminate any discrimination; 

  3. c)ensure that the interests and needs of all people are fully considered in all initiatives undertaken by DTN; 

  4. d)ensure that committee members and volunteers are fully aware of, and act in accordance with this policy.  

  5. e)ensure that access to the services we provide is as easy as possible by the provision of as wide range of communications as is compatible with our ability to provide them. 


Working with partners

DTN undertakes the following that, when working with other organisations, the existence of this policy will be made clear and no activity will be undertaken which would be in contravention of this policy.



To ensure that this policy is effectively implemented DTN undertakes that, in all matters that it deals with, equality of opportunity will be actively considered during any decision making or review process.


This policy was reviewed in December 2019 by the Officers and was approved by the Trustees in January 2020.  It will be reviewed by the Officers again in  2023 and will be made available for comment, review and acceptance by the Trustees.