Help on installing, setting up and using Alexa

The Amazon Alexa Echo Dot
You will need an Amazon account (
A working email address.
A smart phone or tablet computer with Wi-fi, to run the Alexa app.
An internet conection and a Wi-fi router.
Installing Alexa.
Alexa is powered via a mains adapter, so a socket nearby is needed.
The Alexa box needs to be within wi-fi range of your router. So start off in the same room.
Setting up Alexa.
Power up the Echo Dot, wait about 60 seconds for the device to respond.
Download the Alexa app. For an Android device use the Google Play Store.
Run the app, and follow the instructions on the app
Using Alexa.
Say "Alexa play the Talking Newspaper skills" followed by "Play the Dacorum Talking Newspaper"

(Note that this is very similar for Google Home devices.)

A more detailed explanation